By Stephanie Burgess-Arteaga

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My inspiration: Just over ten years ago, we embarked on a road trip through France.  We were young and living in a dream world.  I was studying the Spanish surrealists and their poetry and art was constantly on my mind. One night, on a campsite in France, our reverie was broken.  Things became real as we heard a couple in a tent near ours drinking and fighting until late and when things got physical, we decided we couldn’t take anymore.  We woke up the campsite owner and he was going to call the police, but we were awake and didn’t want to be there anymore.  We threw the tent in the back of the car and got back on the road. The thing was it was 1am and there was no way we could get a place to stay until the morning.  How do we kill the hours until dawn?  The night felt cold when we stopped to fill the car with petrol.  It was late September and, with a knowing glance, we both said at the same time.  “South”.  Under the small light in the car, I searched the map for inspiration.  Cadaques.  It was where my surrealists, Dali and Lorca, had spent a summer together.  I knew nothing about it, but it was our destination.

I awoke as the sun was rising, the Pyrenees mountains before us.  Through the boarder. We found Dali’s house by mid morning and checked into the nearest hotel.  What ensued was six days of perfection.  We got lost again in the beauty, art and poetry of the place and one day, as we explored the coastline by foot we found a cove, a small beach with the names Simone and Blue carved into the rocks.  We stayed till late and we saw Lorca’s moon shimmering on the water.

Simone and Blue came home with me, in my little notebook which I filled with the stories, poems and drawings of our journey.

I worked with them.  Simone and Blue became a part of my life and have never left me.  The poem, that took three months to write, has taken ten years to publish. Some where in the midst of adjusting to motherhood, a few bad career choices and some moments of self doubt, I lost my confidence.

I’m still not as bold as I used to be, but I believe in poetry again, in beauty, in art and in personal expression. This is my art. Paper my canvas and words my colours. I don’t know if it’s any good, you can decide that, but it felt amazing writing it and it feels amazing to finally take the plunge and share it. I hope you enjoy my story of Simone and Blue.

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(C) Stephanie Burgess-Arteaga, 2017

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