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“Dropshipping and I” by Juan Antonio Fernandez Ramos and translated by Stephanie Burgess-Arteaga

union jack smallIt has been a great pleasure to work with Juan Antonio, an expert in the world of dropshipping, on his book Dropshipping and I, which details his own personal experience of working with this business model.  The book is full of ideas that will be invaluable when launching your own online business, whether it is with dropshipping or with other forms of e-commerce. Purchase the ebook here.

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spainHe sido un gran placer trabajar con Juan Antonio, un experto en el mundo de dropshipping, en su libro Dropshipping y yo, que detalle su experiencia personal con este modelo de negocio.  Un libro donde podrás encontrar muchas ideas que te pueden servir a la hora de lanzar un negocio por Internet ya sea a través del dropshipping o de otros métodos.  Compra Dropshipping and I traducido al inglés.

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Available on all Amazon sites from today.

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