I am now offering a distance learning GCSE Spanish course that students can study at their own pace.  If you are thinking of taking the Spanish GCSE, or just want to brush up on what you learned many years ago, then this course is for you!

As your tutor, you can message me at any time if you need help completing any of the tasks.  The classes work as follows:

  1.  The student purchases an individual class activity for £2.00 which will be sent to them via email.  The class activities will include reading and listening to a text, working on vocabulary and grammar practice, writing tasks and speaking activities.
  2. The student then works through the activities completing them at their own pace
  3. For the oral activities, the student records their answers on their phone and emails it back to me. (other options like whatsapp voice recording also available)
  4. The completed activities and voice recordings are also sent and a review fee of £8 is paid.
  5. There is also an option to have a 15-minute live conversation class via telephone for an extra £6.
  6. Within a week of the receipt of the audio files, the activity file and the payment, the student receives feedback from me.

This is an intermediate Spanish course and requires the learner to have some previous knowledge of Spanish to end of KS3 (British School system), completion of CEFR Level A1 (Common European Framework of Reference. Note: This is NOT the British A-Level qualification) or the equivalent.  Many students may also consider taking it as a refresher for a GCSE they passed a long time ago.  Please ask if you are unsure.

I recommend that the student works through the areas of study in order, however, if they feel confident in a certain area, then they could skip on to the next topic.  Please note that there are 25 topic areas, which would take just under six months to complete if you committed to completing one per week.

Topics to choose from include:

  • Me, my friends and family Part 1
  • Me, my friends and family Part 2
  • Talking about Me: Technology and keeping in touch
  • Talking about Me: Relationships and marriage
  • Where I come from: Fiestas
  • Keeping healthy:  Sport
  • Keeping healthy:  Food
  • Free Time:  Eating Out
  • Free Time:  Going Out
  • Free Time:  Music
  • Free Time: Cinema and Television
  • Social Issues:  Staying healthy
  • Social Issues:  What’s unhealthy?
  • Social Issues:  Where I live Part 1
  • Social Issues:  Where I live Part 2
  • Social Issues:  Where I live Part 3
  • Social Issues:  The environment
  • Social Issues:  The world I live in
  • Moving Around:  My Holiday Part 1
  • Moving Around:  My Holiday Part 2
  • Moving Around:  My Holiday Part 3
  • Working and Studying:  Educational Options
  • Working and Studying:  Things to study and problems
  • Working and studying:  What to do later on in life
  • Working and studying:  What to learn

Please contact me for further information.

All my best


PS.  I’m currently also working on some beginners courses, advanced level courses and courses for7-11-year-olds.  Please contact me if you’d be interested.

(C) Stephanie Burgess-Arteaga, 2017

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