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Thanks for taking an interest in my research for Chester University.

The thesis will focus on the music scene in Spain, particularly the alternative, punk, metal and riot grrrl genres.

Interviews and Profiles

I’m hoping to get a wide view of the industry throughout the country and will be making observations on how active female musicians are within the music scene. The thesis will track any changes from 1990 to now, taking into account developments since the 90s in the way in which we communicate with each other. It will examine how bands have become more self-sufficient with regards to recording and advertising because of advances in technology.

Get in Touch

My research is going well from the theoretical point of view, however, I need as many bands, musicians, journalists, fanzine writers, bloggers and music promoters as possible to get in touch.

I will be profiling and interviewing a number of bands and will publish all of this preliminary research on this blog. This will initially give an overview of the types of bands that are currently playing throughout Spain.

Santander Bank – Funding my research trip

I have been very fortunate to win a research grant from Santander Bank to cover the costs of travel within Spain and I am looking forward to meeting some of these bands and artists face to face to carry out deeper interviews with my specific research proposal in mind.  It is also a personal quest of mine to find the Spanish Riot Grrrl community.

Spanish Riot Grrrls Pre-1990

I had a lot of fun last year carrying out research and presenting a paper at University on the scandal of Las Vulpes‘ 1983 performance of ‘Me gusta ser una zorra’ on TVE and hope to find other similar but more current bands to study, listen to and hopefully, see a gig or two.  If you think your band or a band you know fits into this category, then please get in touch!

Likewise, for any other band that sees themselves as belonging to the alternative, grunge, punk or metal scene in Spain or if you have a fanzine… get in touch!  I’m hoping to eventually collect these articles into a one-off fanzine and I’m sure that many of the bands’ music will be featured in my final dissertation.

Hasta pronto


Articles Published around this topic:


Classic Rock: No Penis Necessary!


Spanish Music: The Night Transmission

2018-01-15 006

Spanish Music: Fausto Taranto

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